Automatic Ignition Sequence Start Button

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Automatic Ignition Sequence Start Button

The X-15A-2 SE addon can now be started automatically by clicking a single "magic" red button located on the main instrument panel [76, fig. 5-1].

The "auto start" button on the main panel.

This is similar to pressing "CTRL+E" with conventional aircraft. However, the red button initiates all X-15A-2 rocket aircraft systems, including the special three-propellant fuel management system.

You can use this button to properly start the engine without going through the normal procedures and check list or the quick-start procedures. However, following each step presented in the manual will make your overall X-15 experience much more realistic and enjoyable.

It takes about 60 seconds for the automatic sequencer to perform all the procedures that are required before the engine is fired.

Just click the red button, sit back, and watch the switches and gauges in the virtual cockpit while the automatic sequencer executes the normal engine ignition procedures for you.

Note: By default, the sequencer sets the unlimited fuel option switch [27, fig. 5-3] to ON. If you prefer a more realistic X-15A-2 flight with a limited engine burn time (about 150 seconds with the external tanks installed), turn the unlimited fuel option switch to OFF before the sequencer turns on the engine master switch [63, fig. 5-1] on the main panel. Once the engine master switch is turned on, the unlimited fuel option switch state cannot be changed.

Note: The sequencer will install the external tanks (or the rocket boosters) by default.


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