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What do I get with my CF-105 Arrow addon?

Are all the CF-105 Arrow systems simulated?

How realistic is the CF-105 Arrow addon?

I am an CF-105 Arrow fan but a beginner flight simmer? Is the CF-105 Arrow addon too complex for me?

Does my CF-105 Arrow addon come with a virtual cockpit?

Does my CF-105 Arrow addon come with 2D panels?

What is the maximum speed of my CF-105 Arrow addon?

What is the maximum altitude than can be reached?

Where's the parachute?


What are the minimum system requirements for installing the CF-105 Arrow addon?

How do I install the addon I've purchased?

The installer asks for my product activation key. Where do I find it?

Can I re-download my addon if I lose the original file?

I've installed Flight Simulator X in a custom folder, will the installer detect it?

Is the CF-105 Arrow addon compatible with Microsoft® Flight Simulator X?

Is the CF-105 Arrow addon compatible with Microsoft® Flight Simulator 2004?

Is the CF-105 Arrow addon compatible with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D®?

Is this addon compatible with the latest version of Windows®?

Is this addon compatible with the latest version of DirectX®?

I'm using FSX and when I load a flight, the CF-105-Arrow appears all white or transparent, how can I fix this?

My CF-105 Arrow addon has no virtual cockpit. How can this be possible?

After I've installed my new CF-105 Arrow addon in FSX, only two CF-105 Arrow aircraft variations appear in the Select Aircraft page. Where are the other variations?


How do I take off and fly my CF-105 Arrow add-on?

Can I download a free version of the user manual?

What's the easiest way to start the CF-105 Arrow's engines without going through the entire check list and procedures?

Can I use CTRL-E to start the engines?

Why are some of the aircraft systems reset when a new CF-105 Arrow aircraft is loaded?

The CF-105 Arrow instrument panels appear "frozen" after a new aircraft has been loaded while in flight. What do I do?

Nothing seems to work and I can't operate the aircraft when in the virtual cockpit view. What do I do?

The engine is running at the beginning of a new flight and before the aircraft has been serviced. How do I stop the engine and avoid this issue in my next flight?

Why can't I reach the maximum speed/altitude?

I've just installed my CF-105 Arrow addon and loaded my first flight but I cannot see the cockpit. What's the problem?

My CF-105 Arrow landing gear won't retract. What do I do?

Some switches in the virtual cockpit don't work when clicked on? Is this an issue?

I've installed my new CF-105 Arrow addon, nothing is working, and I cannot get the engine start by all means on any aircraft. Please help!

I have a number of display and performance issues with my new CF-105 Arrow addon. Could you help me troubleshooting my problems?


I have another question about my CF-105 Arrow addon, can I contact you?

How do I get product patches and upgrades?

I have some ideas about improving the CF-105 Arrow or future exciting addons, can I contact you?