Answers to most questions may be found below:


How can I contact you?

I would like more information about your addons before I decide to buy. Where can I get it?

I would like to try your addons before I decide to buy. Do you have tryout versions available?

Is my new addon a stand-alone software or do I also need to buy a flight simulation platform separately?

I have some ideas about improving your existing or future addons. Can I contact you?


How do I order?

I don't have a PayPal® account. Can I still buy your products using my credit card?

Can I order by phone, email or with a purchase order form?

What will the total cost of my order be, including taxes?

Will I get a download or will I get shipped a CD?

Can I get a refund if I want to return the software?

Can I re-download my addon if I lose the original file and activation key?

How long will it take before I get my addon?

I was not redirected to a download link and I did not receive my activation key by email after my order was processed by PayPal®. What should I do?

I have trouble downloading my addon. The file transfer keeps getting interrupted. What can I do?

I still have problems completing or downloading my order. How can I contact you?


What payment methods do you accept?

Do you accept cheques, bank drafts or money orders?

In which currency will my credit card or PayPal® account be charged?


I need technical support with my addon, how do I get help?

Are the manuals available in print form or PDF?

How do I install my new addon?

Your website asks for my product activation key. Where do I find it?

I've purchased my addon from one of your resellers. How do I get support?

How do I get product patches and updates?


What is your privacy policy? Do you keep my personal information private?

Are transactions on your website secure?

Sometimes I get a message about cookies. What is a cookie anyway?