New native version for Prepar3D® v4 — The X-15A-2 Special Edition v2.0 addon now includes a native version (labeled v2.01) for the new 64-bit Prepar3D® v4 simulation platform. A special installer for Prepar3D® v4 is available from our "Downloads" section. This updated version contains 64-bit DLLs and new features including new special effects, a revised ignition system, an improved flight model and a revised 280-page utility flight manual. The update is free for registered users.

New high resolution 3D exterior models — Three high resolution 3D exterior models, optimized for the latest versions of Microsoft® Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D®, with more than 1900 parts and 100 animations. Refer to "Minimum System Requirements" on the product page for more details.

New high resolution textures — Eleven high resolution texture variations with unique liveries for each aircraft.

A fictitious model of a delta wing X-15 — Three variations of a fictitious delta wing X-15AD-4 aircraft with rocket engine nozzle extensions, solid rocket boosters and auxiliary vertical stabilizers, based on different proposed configurations for future X-15 aircraft.

New high resolution fully functional 3D virtual cockpits (VR-ready) — Three fully functional high resolution virtual cockpits with over 1500 parts and 300 full-3D animated gauges, switches, levers, light indicators, flight instruments and systems with integrated tooltips.

New switches and levers — New switches, control sticks, handles and levers to conform better to the real X-15A-2 panels. All the switches in the VCs are clickable.

Fully functional breaker panel — The breaker panel on the right console is now fully functional with 33 clickable breakers.

An automatic ignition sequence — The X-15A-2 can now be started automatically at the touch of a single "magic" button located on the main panel. This is similar to pressing "CTRL+E" with conventional aircraft in the simulator. However, the red button initiates all X-15A-2 custom systems, including her unique three-propellant rocket fuel management system. You can use this button to properly start the engine without going through the normal procedures and check list.

New X-15 dynamic sound sets — The X-15A-2 now comes with new X-15 dynamic sound sets, including new solid rocket booster sound effects. In addition to the basic aircraft sounds, additional effects (APUs, turbopump, engine precool/prime and fuel jettison effects) are included.

New extra sound effects — Over 50 new additional sound effects, including external and cockpit sounds (switches, knobs and levers, breakers, pneumatic valves, propellant tank pressurization, gyro, blower fans, tank and ventral jettison, etc.). Contains Bill Leaming's FBGS sound system to play these sounds.

New visual effects — Over 25 X-15-specific low and high altitude visual effects.

Multiple camera views — Version 2.0 now has 10 external camera views. These views show the vertical rudder, speed brakes, horizontal stabilizer, external tanks, rocket boosters and wing flaps. Also included are left and right canopy views, a rear engine view and a virtual "B-52 window" view showing the X-15A-2 from her top left side. Users can cycle forward or backward the different camera views using the "S" and "A" keys or a button on the joystick.

"Invisible" canopy mode — The yellow canopy emergency jettison handle on the right wing panel can now be pulled to make the X-15 clamshell-type canopy "invisible". The handle does not open the canopy. It simply makes it "invisible" on both the VC and the external model.

System monitor panels — Each aircraft comes with a system monitor panel that resembles a black and white "mission control" TV screen of the 1960's. The monitor panel provides important additional information about the airplane that is not displayed in the cockpit. You can access the monitor panel at any time to check the status of the different X-15 systems.

Seven new saved flights, some based on actual X-15A-2 historical missions — It is now easier to prepare the X-15A-2 for takeoff or to simulate an X-15 launch at a high altitude over different dry lakes by loading one of the new saved flights. There are two categories of X-15 flights: the fictitious "takeoff" flights and the high altitude "launch" flights, based on historical X-15 missions.

An online help system with 225 topics and 400 keywords — Users now have access to a new online help system optimized for tablets and PCs (Internet connection and browser required). You can use your iPad®, Windows® or Android® tablet as an aviator kneeboard while flying the X-15A-2 addon. You can use the table of contents on the left to browse the different topics or search for phrases and keywords to get the information you want quickly. Keywords and hyperlinks are important features of online help systems that will help you find what you need.

A 280-page printable PDF Utility Flight Manual — In addition to the online help system, users have access to a printable PDF manual. The manual and the online help system now include new sections with complete system descriptions that were not included in the previous version. Click here to download the full 280-page utility flight manual (20 MB, PDF format).

Other new features include:

  • Two jettisonable Thiokol "Castor 1", 45,000-pound solid rocket boosters with engine nozzles (on delta wing model only)
  • Functional engine compartment fire detection system
  • Detailed ejection seat with animated handles, buttons, armrests, foot restraints, deflectors and oxygen selector and gauge
  • Modified X-15 radio for use in the simulator (VHF COM1, COM2, ADF, VOR)
  • Optional radio-magnetic indicator (user-selectable)
  • Fully animated 3D attitude indicator (pitch, roll, azimuth)
  • Basic autopilot functions
  • New temperature control systems
  • New cockpit pressurization system
  • Dynamic frost (around the cold propellant tanks when filled)
  • Animated ram-air door
  • Optional trapezoidal windows (user-selectable)
  • Animated skylight hatch with star tracker system
  • Dynamic fogging and ablator splatters on selected windows
  • Functional windshield heating (antifogging) system, complete with animated valve handles and dynamic frost/fog on the windshield
  • Animated ball nose
  • Detailed canopy cover with floodlights, electrical and antifogging systems, animated valves, electrical wires and nitrogen pipes, animated head restraint and movie camera
  • New detailed and fully animated landing skids and front gear ("steerable" in the simulator), with scoop door and a flexible electrical cable
  • Detailed split-flap speed brakes with flexible hoses
  • New external propellant tanks with new jettison animation
  • New animated X-15 astronaut/pilot in full pressure suit
  • And more...

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